About Us

About Us

At GEI, we care about our planet. We feel a responsibility to leave it to future generations in a better shape than what we inherited today. We endeavour to work with governments, business and community partners to share knowledge and innovative solutions, adding sustainable value to activities in agriculture and  industry in ways that protect and enhance the environment.

Together with our partners we are participating in making the world more socially sustainable through integrated solutions by:

Promoting Sustainable business practices

Research and Development collaborations in  Biotechnology

Researching safe treatment and disposal options

Helping communities to develop: Increasing Public Participation and stakeholder engagement

Increasing recycling and reuse

Working with partners on Renewable energy

Technology and knowledge transfer: Sharing benefits of our learning and research with clients/collaborators to open doors for businesses with a vision for a healthier planet

Its our business to be Green every day. When we talk about environmental sustainability, we think of a world where there is a vision to live in a responsible and sustainable manner, where being green is economically intelligent, where planning is futuristic and where there are so many clean, alternative ways to produce power that the threat of polluting the planet and depleting our natural resources is a thing to be left behind